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Specializing in computer preventative maintenance the personal way. Be warned, be prepared. Ignorance is not bliss. Let us maintain the health of your servers and workstations with our hands-on approach.

Our Mission

We believe maintenance is more than an automated service program. It is not just service packs and reporting. We believe each PC should be personally reviewed, updated and monitored thereby giving the reviewer a full picture of that units response and problems. Our mission is to provide you with this specialized service at a reasonable price.

Company Profile

Silicon Valley Products has been installing, supporting and maintaining local area networks since 1985. Primarily focusing on the financial and insurance industries for over 25 years.

Watching the industry grow, we have gained specific knowledge into the problem areas you face. With this knowledge we have created this personal preventative maintenance formula to keep your office running smoothly.

Although services exist that will monitor and support your servers and stations, few companies actually do any routine work on your machines. They install and use automated scripts and automated reporting methods to produce pretty forms that look impressive.

Our company believes in the personal touch. We connect to every station and perform the maintenance tasks. Spreadsheets are produced by hand for every operation and results are recorded. We watch for problems and report them to you for preventative action.

Our clients are pleased to know that we will take care of the updates from standard packages like Windows, Office, Adobe and Java. They rest assured that their machines are spyware, trojan, malware and anti-virus free since we check each and every machine with several programs and make sure the designated anti-virus software is running and up to date.

Our president, Paul Norris, enjoys trying to find problems on the clients machines. He claims that he is treasure hunting. Although, a better phrase may be disaster hunting or disaster predicting.