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Workstation Maintenance:

We install all critical windows updates, service packs and required driver updates. We use our judgment when it comes to the optional updates. All versions of Office are patched with the latest updates. The newest Adobe reader is installed, as well as all Adobe reader / writer updates. The latest Java version is installed and updated. We use several free spyware, trojan and malware scanners. They are loaded, updated and used to scan the system.

We check internet explorer Active X components, browser helper objects, Winsock, the host file and programs that automatically start when windows boots. We check for free space on the hard drive, errors in the hardware device table, programs installed (using add/remove programs) that we recognize as problem items and review the application and system event logs.

Lastly, we delete all temporary files and de-fragment the hard drive.

The results are stored in an Excel spreadsheet and are summarized in your billing. Actual spreadsheets are available as well.

The schedule for workstation maintenance is either once a month or once every two months with different charges for each plan. We only offer a less frequent 'on demand' maintenance at the current hourly maintenance rate.